Impermanence: the natural tendency towards change. One embodies the slow shift of change guided by a soft, rounded presence, the other embodies quick-shifting unpredictability with staccato movement and angular shapes. Moving along as if mirror images of each other, they overcome the first three evils: ignorance, attachment, and aversion, only to be drawn back to their center. With neglect, they continue to search for stillness, finding that the fragility of life in these bodies is never comfortable.

Angel's Playground

Angel's Playground explores the hidden treasures that lie within a city of relentless culture. Los Angeles sent her angels down upon this group of dancers to play on her grounds, reserved for those who seek to entertain their imaginations with the zest of Pacific fashion and Urban art. Their task from Lady L.A.: recreate this place and make it a funshouse for movement and joy.

Public Screening

Dance Fest

April 6th 2018

Phoenix Art Museum, Downtown PHX

Come Together

A group of kindred souls meets for the first time. After connecting with the self, each soul falls in love with the idea of belonging. Stubborn souls may show resistance, but unity is inevitable. The magnetic energy of the collective love is more powerful than any soul who chooses to stand alone. The souls meet out of curiosity for this place where water once flowed relentlessly. They see it as their responsibility to bring life back to this now barren concrete land. As each new character appears they bring in their unique energy to the place: first serenity, then strength, playfulness, determination, and finally grace arrives. Together they bring life to the lifeless.

Turn It Off

Can we escape the notion of modern day censorship and be free of the shackles of societal influences?

Public Screenings:

Composer/Choreographer Concert

Mar 30th 2018

Nelson Fine Arts Center, Tempe AZ


These ruins have been left behind by mankind for several decades. It was once a high-tech fantasy hub that never got completed. The mysterious exterior makes one wonder exactly what happened over the years? Was it a station built by aliens, a secretive government project, or a doomsday shelter? Now filled with urban decay, torn up furniture, wall Graffiti, and streams unsettling whispers from inside the ruins. Three spirits have been trapped in this purgatory for ages, will they be able to escape their curse and journey on to the road of rebirth?

Public Screenings:

Moving 24FPS (PHX) - Audience Choice Award

Dec 10th 2017

Suns Studio, Tempe AZ

ASU Spring Graduate Presentations

Mar 16th & 17th 2018

Margaret Gisolo Studio, Tempe AZ

Spring Dance Fest

Apr 20th - 22nd 2018

Galvin Playhouse, Tempe AZ


Are we all different beings? Or are we all one being living through different space in time traveling between infinite possibilities of parallel universes? Take a step forward as the others turn, one scene exits as another one emerges, day breaks and night falls, lose yourself in dance and find yourself through dance. You might wake up to a different world.

Public Screenings:

5th Annual Dance Shorts: College Film Festival

February 23rd 2018

Suns Studio, Tempe AZ

ASU Fall Graduate Presentations

October 26th & 27th 2017

Margaret Gisolo Studio, Tempe AZ

La La Land